To the bone.

By Paola Bailon Sandoval.

Likely you had heard this title before so, today I’ll make you think about this topic: eating disorders.
Eating disorders are conditions expressed through abnormal or disturbed eating habits. These generally stem from an obsession with food, body weight or body shape and often result in serious health consequences, even result in death.
Some people see eating disorders like phases or lifestyle choices but it’s really a serious mental disorder.
I personally believe that most of these problems in society exist by itself, that is, people follow these bad habits to accomplish the requirements or stereotypes of a perfect society.
Ignorant people say “ash, just feed him and problem solved” but no, it’s not that easy because this disorder now is an habit that hardly, but no impossible, you will amend.
It is disappointing and hard to see how people transform themselves just to fit into such a stereotyped community and they aren’t originals and are shown to the world as they are. They don’t love themselves because they’re getting damaged, physically and mentally.
It’s really annoying see how we don’t let people be as they want, we really don’t know all the danger we cause in their lives ‘cause we hurt to their family and friends too. It’s so sad to see how a person destroy him/herself day by day.
In my opinion, people wouldn’t have to deal with this disorder if society wasn’t so critical and let them be as they are without stereotypes.

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